Professional Organizing & Space Design  Questionnaire 

Photos courtesy of The Container Store

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This questionnaire will help us determine which services and systems will work best for you! After you submit this form, we will contact you to  set up a time to come out for your on-site consultation.

During your 60-minute consultation, we will assess all of your organizational needs, measure all spaces for design, and discuss style preferences. We will also choose the appropriate finishes based on samples of the ELFA shelving system or TCS Closets that we bring. Your consultation will also include a custom design for each space as well as a comprehensive organization plan to execute each design flawlessly and determine what other areas need adjustment in the home or work space. Don't worry, we don't have to do everything at once! This consultation will give us an idea of your priorities and we can decide to either complete everything in one fell swoop or break projects down into more  manageable pieces. From kitchens, pantries and garages to Master Closets, offices, and living rooms we do it all. There is no space too big or too small! If you have a space that doesn't fall into those categories, reach out anyway and we will find a solution to suit your needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Photos courtesy of The Container Store

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Please select based on design needs, if you would like to organize smaller spaces like cabinets and drawer spaces and are not sure if you need shelving, we can discuss that during the consultation
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ELFA is a component based, open shelving system that can be adjusted easily as needs change and taken with you should you move! TCS Closets is a luxurious closed cabinet system that is a permanent fixture in your home
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Consultation rates *start* at $200 (based on the project scope combined with the number of designed spaces and include an onsite visit, measuring and *one* version of a design/organization plan) the cost of which will be confirmed during the scheduling of your appointment. Hourly project implementation rates *start* at $100 per hour and will be quoted fully within your design/organization plan that will be presented a few days after your consultation. Billable time will include design edits/revisions, shopping for all materials, delivery, returns/exchanges along with organizing the spaces on-site. Any local locations beyond 25 miles from the Atlanta Buckhead Container Store are subject to a $5 per mile mileage fee per visit. Any out of state or country locations will be subject to a travel fee to cover transportation & lodging that will be determined at the time of scheduling *