Lifestyle Testimonials

Photos courtesy of The Container Store

“Check out Claudia MB Consulting! Need vocal coaching, music video direction/production? How about someone to come in and organize everything from your business and finances to closets and storage? Just want someone to take over and run your life for a while? She’s the one! Trust me - she’s done it for me. ;-)”
— -Jose L. Rodriguez
“Oh my goodness, we need to thank you so very much for all your handwork!! The spaces look gorgeous, and we are just so thrilled with everything - love all the product you suggested and brought. Thanks again.”
— Piper B. on her Master Closet, Office, Laundry Room, Utility Closet, Hall/Linen Closet & Guest Closets
‘Claudia is an outstanding talent. She has a special ability to filter the clutter, and create a unique space for each client. She has completed seven spaces in my home and always offers ideas I never would have thought of. The service was excellent and I adore her!! And I’m sure to have her back for more.”
— Kelly B. on her Master Closet, Office & Laundry Room
“Claudia is smart, personable and professional in her dealings with customers, colleagues and managers alike. She is an excellent communicator who knows how to to peel away extraneous information to get to the real issues her customers face and craft creative solutions for them. She welcomes the opportunity for new experiences and is a knowledgeable and willing resource for others.”
— Ann Strople
“Claudia was wonderful. Quick to give suggestions. Very concise and to the point. Love the visuals of the accessories she used... I would highly recommend this service to someone looking to organize their home. 5 out of 5.”
— Suzanne L. on her Office, Child's Room, Laundry Room & Carport
“We forgot to mention that we are still ‘kvelling’ over all of our new, fabulous closet spaces, especially the pantry! All of our friends dropped their jaws at your work. ... We really appreciate all you have done. The pantry is a big hit with everyone who sees it.
We sing your praises. You may be getting some referrals.”
— Linda R. on her new Pantry and Linen Closets
“Claudia is a dream to work with - gracious, patient, vivacious and creative - she has an innate talent for working with anyone and impressing everyone with her abilities.”
— Amanda Connell
‘I love my new closets! Thanks for all you did to make them a reality... The installation and consultation were exceptional!”
— Dale F. on her new Master Closet, Holiday Storage Closet, Seasonal Overflow Closet
“Thank you, so very much, for your help with our closets. We are benefitting from your sense of detail and thoroughness.
Thank you for putting on your Wonder Woman cape and coming to our rescue!”
— Kathy D. on her Master & Guest Closets
“It is beautiful. The LEDs are getting hooked up ... and the carpet installed... but as is, it’s amazing. The contractor was very detailed and punctual. No surprises at any point along the way. Great experience from start to finish...Thanks again!”
— Diane F. on her new TCS Closets Master
“Claudia has the incredible ability to make your day brighten while working efficiently. She brings her talents of multi-tasking and attention to detail to any job she’s working on while remaining a great conversationalist. I miss working with her.”
— Patrick DePuydt
“Love it, love it, love it!! Thank you so very very much! It’s even more lovely than I thought it would be!!!”
— Denise H. on her new Overflow Storage Closet, and Home Office spaces
“Claudia is a hard working and creative individual whose dedication always leads her to completing difficult projects with imaginative solutions well before deadlines need to be met”
— B. D. Brenneman