Live an Organized Life.

Professional Organizing & Space Design      Services

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We are Problem-Solvers.

Our job is to design high functioning, dynamic spaces to increase productivity, efficiency and maximize space while enhancing aesthetics.

Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we'll also hold your hand if you need it.


We  modify spaces for a  work style & lifestyle that suits YOU, customizing environments to reflect your highest priorities without hindering personal expression to consciously support the life you want to lead


What do Professional Organizers & Space Designers do anyway?

We help create systems for organization ( which may or may not include shelving ) for any area of your home or workplace; from sorting & purging, space design, to styling the space once everything has been installed. We will also shop for and install any completion items ( storage boxes, bins, hangers, laundry baskets, bathroom organizers etc.) on your behalf. It is a full service option for those whose busy schedules don't allow them the time to get everything done.  We can also work together to develop organizing skills for everyone in the home so that they can maintain the systems that have been created. We can work together in each space if you would like, or we can do everything for you and you can come home from your travels to a perfectly organized space! does this work?

For each project we will:

  • Schedule an on-site consultation where we assess your organizational needs, measure all spaces, discuss style preferences, and choose finishes

  • Present a custom space design and comprehensive organization plan with a full project quote a few days later

  • Agree on a final design and organization plan and schedule a time for us to come and prep your items and space

  • Order all materials and schedule a time for our fantastic installation team to install your new solution

  • Return after shelving installation to style and organize your space

  • Schedule times for regular maintenance visits if needed.

Simple. Easy. Efficient. We do it all for you so you can spend more time doing the things that bring you joy!

Space Design Services

Professional Organizing Services

Using the ELFA shelving system or TCS Closets from The Container Store, we can create a custom design that will maximize every inch of space, leaving you with the perfect solution that will make all of your items visible and accessible.

ELFA shelving  is a  component based system composed of epoxy bonded steel and birch wood. The open storage style with decor or ventilated shelving has beautiful mesh baskets and gliding shoe options that provide the most flexible solution for the ever changing needs of your family or office. It  can even be disassembled and transported to your next home should you choose to take it with you! Need more hanging in the summer and more folding space in the winter? Add extra drawers to a desk space, or a drip dry area to the laundry room? No problem! ELFA components can be added to your existing system one peice at a time and adjusted easily as your needs change.

TCS Closets is a luxurious, custom, enclosed option that is made-to-order. It is composed of 1 inch thick thermofused laminate, integrated lighting,  and closed cabinetry with high-end glass, brushed nickel, or bronze drawer pulls and handles is a permanent fixture in your home. With six fantastic finishes and the option to add an island, gliding pant racks and pull down hanging, this high-end product is sure to complement the elegant look of your "forever home".

  • Create a comprehensive organization plan for your entire home: master closets, entertainment areas, children's bedrooms, kitchen/pantry, garage and office

  • Declutter and assist in staging your home for sale

  • Help you downsize to a smaller home, or merge two households

  • Design storage for, unpack and organize your new home before you move in!

  • Prepare a baby's nursery

  • Transition spaces from toddlers to teenagers

  • Repurpose a room once your child has gone off to college

  • Adjust your home to accommodate office space for a small business

  • Streamline your commercial workspace to increase productivity

  • Maintain your newly organized spaces through regular visits

And much more! Tell us what you need and we'll get it done.



*Consultation rates start at $200 (based on the project scope combined with the number of designed spaces and include an onsite visit, measuring and one version of a design/organization plan) the cost of which will be confirmed during the scheduling of your appointment. Hourly project implementation rates start at $100 per hour and will be quoted fully within your design/organization plan that will be presented a few days after your consultation. Billable time will include design edits/revisions, shopping for all materials, delivery, returns/exchanges along with organizing the spaces on-site.  Any local locations beyond 25 miles from the Atlanta Buckhead Container Store are subject to a $5 per mile mileage fee per visit. Any out of state or country locations will be subject to a travel fee to cover transportation & lodging that will be determined at the time of scheduling.